PipeData-PRO 12.2

Pipe-designing assistant
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Design pipes and find all information you need in a unified platform. Сontains a comprehensive library of piping components and designs data related to valves and flanges.

PipeData-PRO is a utility that offers access to information on pipes and piping components, and integrates tools for specific measurements of components that have different sizes.

The program presents the technical drawing of elements such as threaded or socket welded components, flanges observing different industry standards, valves, pipets, pipes, nuts and a few others. For each one of these components, PipeData-PRO provides a list of the sizes in which they are available on the market. The list also contains specific measurements for diameters and lengths, as well as for the weight of the component.

Users will be notified about the items that contain manufacturing errors. Three calculators are included: one for pipe diameters, one for pipe wall thickness and one that returns flange pressure for temperatures of up to 537 degrees Celsius. One can choose the size, temperature, weight and pressure units to be used. A link to an online unit converter is also available. Additionally, users are offered access to a search tool that will quickly provide accurate technical information.

Briefly, PipeData-PRO provides data that is necessary in piping design and it does it via an easy-to-use interface.

Margie Smeer
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  • Large library of piping data


  • The unit converter is not built-in, it is available online only, meaning that Internet connection is required
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